Specifically Engineered for Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Oil matters for your high-performance BRP vehicle. Fact: XPS delivers the performance you need because XPS is the only oil designed and engineered for Rotax engines. Using XPS ensures the best engine performance and helps ensure the best reliability and longest engine life.

XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil

Designed to meet the unique needs of Rotax engines, only XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil was engineered specifically to provide maximum protection against engine wear in E-TEC engines. E-TECs use less oil so the oil they do use must satisfy higher demands to keep the engine well-lubricated and clean. XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic uses a highly-evolved additive package to keep engine parts lubricated, clean and free of wear. This low smoke, low odor formula also allows for maximum engine performance and is the recommended oil for any Rotax 2-stroke engine.

  • The most advanced 2-stroke oil ever developed
  • Low smoke, low odor
  • Only oil recommended for use in E-TEC
  • Can be used in all 2-stroke engines except outboards
293600134- 55 U.S. Gallon/205L
293600132- 1 Quart/946ml
293600133- 1 U.S. Gallon/3.785L

XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil – All Climate Grade

BRP’s Rotax 4-stroke engines are used in extreme applications including snowmobile, ATV, UTV and Spyder. High heat, high RPM and severe load are just some of the abuse seen by Rotax engines powering BRP vehicles through mud, snow and water. Designed specifically to work in Rotax 4-stroke engines, XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil – All Climate Grade is the best all-climate oil choice for any 4-stroke BRP vehicle.

  • Full-synthetic formula made from premium oil base stocks
  • Stays consistent across a broad temperature range
  • Tested and proven by BRP engineers to offer the best engine protection where its use is specified
  • Easy cold starting
  • Wet clutch compatible
  • Corrosion and rust protection
293600112- 1 Quart/946ml
293600115- 1 U.S. Gallon/3.785L
293600116- 55 U.S. Gallon/205L

XPS 2-Stroke Mineral Oil

Designed to work in carbureted engines as either an injection oil or premix, XPS 2-Stroke Mineral Oil is made from high-quality mineral base stocks and includes the detergency package engineered exclusively for Rotax engines. XPS 2-Stroke Mineral Oil stays stable across a broad temperature range, flows down to -40F and offers excellent lubrication in all conditions.

  • Injection or premix oil for carbureted engines
  • Mineral-based, excellent lubrication qualities
  • Flows well at cold temperatures
293600117- 1 Quart/946ml
293600118- 1 U.S. Gallon/3.785L
293600119- 55 U.S. Gallon/205L

XPS Premix Oil

Formulated for fast and easy mixing in the most extreme cold temperatures, XPS Premix Oil is designed specifically for use in Rotax 2-stroke engines. This premium premix oil burns clean and provides excellent engine protection.

  • Mixes easily
  • Burns clean
  • Excellent engine protection
293600120- 500ml

Ski-Doo Maintenance and Oil Change Kit

This Ski-Doo Maintenance and Oil Change Kits saves you time and money by packaging all the service items needed to change oil in a Ski-Doo snowmobile equipped with a 1200 4-TEC, 600 ACE or 900ACE engine in one convenient kit. Kit includes appropriate quantity of XPS Synthetic oil, oil filter and all necessary o-rings.

  • All-in-one kit for 4-TEC and Ace engines
  • Saves time
  • Costs less than buying separate items