Synchromesh Transmission Synthetic Oil

The ultimate transmission oil that far exceeds API GL-5 specifications, the Synchromesh Synthetic Oil offers increased stability and remarkably reduced oxidation.

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Features & Specs

The Synchromesh Synthetic Transmission Oil takes transmission fluids to another level by combining base stocks with additives that allow for higher load, increased stability and a dramatic reduction in oxidation when compared to other API GL-5 gear oils. This oil also benefits from a very high thermal stability and an amazing constance in viscosity, therefore providing remarkable wear protection.
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Features Description
  • Uses a unique combination of synthetic base stocks and additives that allow higher loads, superior shear stability and reduced oxidation compared to other synthetics and conventional API GL-5 gear oils.
  • Its tremendous thermal stability and constant viscosity give exceptional wear protection and superior performance for excellent low-temperature characteristics and improved gear protection at higher temperatures.
  • Recommended for use in all Ski-Doo and Lynx synchromesh transmissions requiring 75W-140 API GL-5 gear oils.
  • Offers added assurance during extended drain intervals.
  • Exceeds API GL-5 specifications.
  • 24 fl. oz. / 710 ml
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