Multi-surface And Glass Cleaner

XPS Powersport multi-surface and glass cleaner is a waterless all-purpose polymer cleaning solution for plastic, paint, rubber, vinyl, glass, and chrome.

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Features & Specs


Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner is an all purpose, waterless polymer solution. It cleans plastic and painted surfaces, gauges, lights, windshields and seats - removing dirt and grime easily without scratching. The polymer-based formula leaves a protective layer behind on surfaces keeping them clean longer by repelling dirt and making future cleaning easier. Multi-Surface Cleaner dries quickly, leaves no marks behind and is gentle on surfaces.


Spray product directly on surface and wipe off excess with a clean, soft cloth until the light haze disappears.


Before use make sure there is no solid residue on surface to scratch paint.


  • For best results, wipe the product with a clean microfiber and change sides of cloth if needed to wipe out any excess product. Change microfiber if it gets excessively dirty.
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Features Description
  • Nanotechnology polymer formula
  • High gloss finish
  • Protective coating that repels dirt
  • Eliminates static build up
  • No water needed
  • Perfect for use between washes
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