ICE Intake Fluid Cooling Enhancer


Features & Specs

XPS Ice is a sophisticated blend of methanol and filtered water. Specially formulated to cool the air intake charge of engines in the water injection system. XPS Intake Fluid Cooling Enhancer has been optimized to prevent corrosion, foaming, freezing which makes XPS Ice trouble free and safe for your engine in extreme conditions. Made for MXZ X-RS with Competition Package 850 E-TEC Turbo R.

More Information
Features Description
  • Anti Foaming agents to maintain a constant delivery when needed
  • No risk for any internal engine corrosion thats to anticorrosion properties
  • Fits on : MXZ X-RS with Competition Package 850 E-TEC Turbo R
  • 1 US gal / 3.785 L 
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