How to Winterize your On-Road Vehicle

How to Winterize your On-Road Vehicle

When the sun starts to set on another riding season, XPS is here to help you turn the page to a new chapter. Proper winterization for your motorcycle, trike, Spyder or other on-road vehicle will ensure your ride is ready for more amazing adventures when it’s time to ride again.

The following steps are a checklist for proper winter storage of a wide range of on-road vehicles. Consult your owner’s manual for exact procedures on your specific vehicle.


Change the Engine Oil & Filter

You probably already know this, but engine oil is absolutely essential in your engine’s performance, efficiency and longevity. The engine is also what makes all those awesome rides taking in the open road, creating lifetime memories possible. It makes sense to maintain it with the very best – XPS. Whatever your vehicle needs are, XPS has you covered with a range of synthetic and semi-synthetic blend oils to start fresh when the weather warms.

A Fresh oil and filter change before storage is critical to your engine, even if you haven’t put on the number of hours or mileage recommended between changes. Why? Part of the engine oil’s job is to clean by taking contaminants and trapping them away from the parts of your engine. Those contaminants include dust, moisture and more. If you don’t change your oil before storage, those contaminants are sitting in your engine all winter doing potential harm.  A fresh oil change before storage means a fresh coat of protection for all your engine’s critical parts.


Stabilize and Top Off your Fuel Tank

This is our favorite part of winterizing our on-road vehicles because it calls for one last ride! Adding the appropriate amount of XPS Fuel Stabilizer to your tank for your farewell ride will not only stabilize the fuel in the tank, but also keep the rest of the fuel delivery system, including lines and injectors, free of any gumming up and prevent fuel from degrading while your vehicle is tucked away for the winter. Once you’ve run some stabilized fuel through your engine, top off the tank before storage.


Check Level of Engine Coolant & Brake Fluid

Since you’re already in full blown maintenance mode, this is the perfect time to double check your engine coolant and brake fluid levels. Make sure they are at the appropriate levels before storing your vehicle. If needed, top each off as need with the right XPS maintenance product.


Clean the vehicle

We know you live for the ride and probably put a few spins on the odometer this past season, and that’s awesome! It also means your vehicle has seen its share of dirt, dust, bugs and other contaminants that can degrade the surface of your on-road vehicle. XPS has you covered there, too, with a complete line of XPS On-Road Care and Cleaning products – from washes and waxes to polishes and degreasers for every surface on your vehicle.



Part of any annual maintenance ritual should include a tire inspection. Make sure to check for even ware and any abnormalities in the wheel or rubber. Always properly inflate your tires to manufacturer specifications prior to storing your vehicle.


Battery Care

For long-term vehicle storage it’s best to remove the battery from the vehicle. This eliminates any potential draw on the battery that might possibly occur during storage. Store it on a stable surface in a dry, temperature-controlled area of your house or garage. Hook it up to a battery tender or trickle charger until fully charged to verify your battery is still functioning properly. Then charge your battery monthly while in storage to maximize its life. If your battery does not hold a charge, it’s time for replacement.


Cover and Store

At last the time has come to tuck your on-road vehicle away for the season. It’s best to store it in a dry area away from sunlight, and with minimal temperature variation. A breathable cover is a good idea to keep dust and grime off your vehicle while in storage.


By following these simple tips, you and your on-road vehicle will be ready to ride and look your best as soon as you hit the road next season.

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